Student Listserv Policy

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the student listserv, the purpose of which is to disseminate important and critical notices to the campus community, the following guidelines apply to listserv usage:

  1. The listserv is to be used for important University business only. This includes notifications from Safety & Security, Health & Counseling, and the President's office. Notices from the Registrar's Office pertaining to course registration or the office of Residence Life & Housing pertaining to housing closings may also be sent through the listserv.
  2. Certain exceptions may be made at the discretion of the office of Student Activities & Leadership. Such exceptions include commencement notices sent to the senior class, certain messages from the Thelomathesian society, and other rare but special exceptions.  
  3. The listserv should not be used for any of the following: advertising events, surveys or polls, applications, or general announcements. These should be posted to SLUWire. You will find instructions regarding how to post an item to SLUWire here.

Questions? Contact the office of Student Activities & Leadership at x5757.