Student Center Storage Room Policy for Student Organizations

Student organizations registered with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership may use the Sullivan Student Center Storage Room (SC#114) for short term event storage. Student organizations who store items in the storage room do so at their own risk and are responsible for the items in the space as the room is not a secure location. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership will provide storage to organizations as long as there is shelving space available in the facility.

As mentioned, items may only be kept in the storage room on a short term basis (i.e. the week before an event until the end of the week following the event).

A student organization may request the key to the storage room from the Student Center Information Desk. At the time of the key sign out the individual storing the item will be asked to inform the desk assistant of the item(s) they are storing, what organization it is for, and how long the item will be in storage. All items in the storage facility must be placed on a shelving unit labeled as student organization storage. Items should not be stored in other areas of the storage facility as the space is shared with other departments. In addition, items must be clearly labeled and marked as to which organization they belong to. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership is not responsible for items that are not clearly identifiable as to whom they belong to.

The storage room will be cleaned and re-organized during the summer following each academic year. As the room is meant for short term storage only, each student organization must clear the space of their items before the last day of classes each semester. During the summer, if an organization wishes to store items for the next fall, the organization may complete a Summer Storage form with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership in order to receive permission to store item(s) in the room throughout the summer. Any items that have not been cataloged with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership using a Summer Storage Form will be removed from storage and may be donated or thrown out.