St. Lawrence University's Greek Statement of Values

The active Greek members at St. Lawrence University are dedicated to upholding a set of shared values that the collective organizations have created, agreed to promote and live by. Our commonly shared values are designed to integrate the Greek goals established by the Panhellenic Council and the Greek Council with the mission of St. Lawrence University. It is essential to the existence of the Greek system that we hold these values as our foundation. Each and every member of the Greek community adopts these values as the common commitment within and between every house. They serve as the driving force and tie together not only our individual chapters, but also our collective past, present and future.

Described below are the shared values of scholarship, leadership, development of character, loyalty and faith, and friendship that the Greek community intends to exhibit. These values are accompanied by the means in which each chapter shall uphold them.

  • Promoting scholarship in academics by following the standards set by St. Lawrence University and the codes produced by the Greek honorary, Gamma Sigma Alpha.
  • Making advancements in leadership through organized activities and model behavior in the Greek Community, within St. Lawrence, and throughout the Canton area. All chapters include highly structured executive boards where leadership skills are enhanced. Fraternities and sororities encourage members to expand those skills and pursue leadership positions throughout other campus organizations as well.
  • Developing character by the efforts of each organization continually working to produce individuals who are well rounded, mature, educated and able to realize their individual and collective potentials through participating in and promoting leadership for the community of St. Lawrence University. Fraternities and sororities exist to promote their individual members’ growth and potential by enriching the college experience.
  • Upholding loyalty and faith by creating and maintaining respect for all chapters and individuals on campus, abiding by rules of University and Greek -Wide policy, participating and demonstrating a strong support system between Greek members, Greek chapters and the St. Lawrence community while living our lives in a way to sustain Greek life as a whole.
  • Building friendship within the entire surrounding community—among students, administration, faculty, staff, and Canton Village. This relationship is maintained and strengthened by continuous philanthropic activities sponsored by the Greek community. Participation and collaboration in community service events by Greek, St. Lawrence University, and Canton Village members builds a constructive living environment. Fraternities and sororities create opportunities to expand service beyond the membership.