Contract Policy for Student Clubs and Organizations

Completing a Contract for your Event

If you want to secure off-campus speakers and entertainment options, you must consult with the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership will offer guidance and assist in overseeing procedures, including contract negotiations.

Remember, written contracts, as well as verbal agreements and email conversations, are binding. Do not jeopardize your organization and the University with an improperly executed contract.

Having a contract in place, whether it is with an off-campus individual/organization or a student, ensures that you have discussed all the terms related to your obligations and their obligations to the event. A contract assists you that you fully understand what you are responsible for providing the individual during the event and for compensation following an event. Oftentimes the Business Office or the SLUSAF Central Treasurer will require a contract be completed before the payment for the services rendered can be processed.

In addition to entertainment contracts, you may encounter a situation where you need approval from an outside organization to host an event on campus. Or, you may need an insurance waiver for the event. In these cases, please bring these agreements to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership and we will assist you.

Once contract negotiations are completed, the agreement must be provided to the Office of Student Activities in order for it to be signed by an individual authorized sign on behalf of the University. Please note that no students are authorized to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the University.