Check Requests & W9 forms

Check Request, W-9 form, and Deposit Processes

Where your organization obtains its funding from determines how you need to go about submitting requests for checks, reimbursements, and deposits related to your organization.

SLUSAF Funded Organizations

If you have a budget provided through SLUSAF, your organization must follow SLUSAF and University policies and procedures related to the use of the organization's budget. Please visit the Thelomathesian Society's website to find more information related to SLUSAF

If you need to be reimbursed for an expense related to your organization, or when you need a check to pay for a service/item purchased, your organization's treasurer must complete a check request form. Check requests forms are available behind the Student Center Information Desk and must be submitted to the SLUSAF Central Treasurer's mailbox by Noon on Sunday. Checks for forms that have been submitted on time are process and available on the following Friday after Noon.

The check form must be completed in its entirety and signed by the appropriate individuals.

Submitted check request forms must be accompanied by the appropriate documents to demonstrate how the funds were spent. Such forms include contracts, receipts, invoices, etc. In addition, to these documents, a W-9 form may also need to be submitted with the check request. W-9 forms are necessary for all off-campus individuals/companies. If you know the individual/organization has been issued a check by the University within the past year a W-9 form may already be on file with the Business Office. In this case it is not necessary to submit a new W-9 form. However, if you know the individual/company's information has changed ,or if you are unsure if a W-9 form is on file, submit a new W-9 form to avoid delays processing your check. Copies of the W-9 form are available online or paper copies are available behind the Information Desk.

If your organization has a deposit they would like processed, please visit Timberly Hewitt in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. She will assist you in filling out the appropriate paperwork for your deposit.

University Funded Organizations

If your organization has a University budget that is not funded by SLUSAF, you will need to follow the Business Office guidelines on how to process check requests and reimbursements through the University accounting system. Student organizations that fall under this category are the Class Councils, Greek leadership organizations, and many student ran organizations with a relationship to a University department. You should work with your adviser in order to process payments or a deposit related to your organization.