Campus Mailings

Student Organizations Mailings

The Student Mail Center (SMC) only accepts mass mailings from officially recognized campus
organizations. All student organizations will be asked to obtain an authorization form and have it signed by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership or from the Associate Dean of Student Life (copies of the form are available from these offices as well). Please be aware that events advertised through the Student Mail Center (SMC) must follow University policy and off-campus events involving alcohol are not authorized to be advertised through the SMC.

You will also be required to have someone in your organization available to do the actual stuffing. There will be a limit of 2 members allowed in the Student Mail Room while doing your mailing. 

Please note that the SMC does have a policy of NO FOOD OR CANDY allowed in the mailboxes.

If you are mailing to a particular group, such as all seniors, you do not need to label each piece, but have a note attached to tell us what group it is for: example "ALL SENIORS".  The number of active members per class year can be found online at the Student Mail Center website.

If you are sending a mailing to a large group but not any one class year, please be sure to label each piece with the students Student Mail Center (SMC) # and put in numerical order.

All mailings should contain a return address.  If there is no return address on the piece, or you are sending a large mailing, please accompany the mailing with a completed Student Mail Transmittal form (located on the mail center's website).

More information regarding obtaining your SMC #, purchasing stamps, and the mail center's hours can be found on the Student Mail Center website.