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Apply to Work Senior Week!

The senior week crew consists of a small group of students who work with the professional Student Activities & Leadership staff in the execution of Senior Week activities and the monitoring of Senior Week events.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1) Event setup & teardown- loading/unloading equipment, packing items for storage, decorating for events, picking up trash, sweeping and mopping, etc.

2) Running errands and transporting supplies via SLU golf cart or van

3) Checking IDs and proofing students who are picking up Senior Week bracelets or entering Senior Week events

4) Working events- monitoring entrance and exits, handing out tickets, providing hospitality to performers, and other duties as assigned

5) Working with professional staff, including Safety & Security, to ensure events are safe; this may include turning away students who are not permitted to enter events, asking guests who are not permitted to attend the events to leave, enforcing the drinking vs. non-drinking bracelet policy, and enforcing other rules established for the safety of event participants

6) Working the Senior Dinner Dance, which includes escorting guests to their seats, answering questions, and providing general hospitality and customer service

7) Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the professional staff

Desired qualities:

1) Responsible & dependable

2) Organized; strong attention to detail

3) Comfortable confronting peers

4) Not afraid of hard work (and potentially getting dirty)

5) Ability to separate work time from social time

6) Ability to stay alert and focused on the task at hand

Students interested in working Senior Week should be aware that:

1) You must pass a strict judicial check

2) You are not permitted to consume alcohol or participate in Senior Week activities

3) Shifts vary; you may be required to work late at night and return to work early the next morning

4) The position may involve carrying heavy equipment and spending long hours on your feet

5) Compensation will include an hourly wage, as well as room & board for the week (inclusive of all meals)

Still interested?

APPLY HERE! (Applications due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunay, March 31. Applications received after this date will not be considered).


Contact Laura Lavoie, Associate Director, Student Activities & Leadership,