Alcohol Policy Introduction

Alcohol Policy Overview

The alcohol policy that is in effect today at St. Lawrence University has been developed over the years by committees comprised of students, faculty, and administrators. It is a multifaceted policy that includes requirements based on the law, the legal obligations of individuals and the University, the quality of of residential life on campus, and the aims and objections of the University.

The full policy can be found on pp. 41-46 in the Student Handbook. Taking the time to read through the handbook will help you to fully understand the state laws regarding the use of alcohol, social host liability, the Canton Village Ordinances, and what is considered acceptable use on campus. The policy also covers additional items such as the Good Samaritan policy, which is related to medical attention, procedures related to organizational events, and the enforcement of the policy.

If you are deciding to organize an event where alcohol will be consumed it is important to read the full alcohol policy to understand what steps you may need to follow based on the size of the event you are planning. The policy outlines the steps involved in registering your event and what liability you may face as an individual hosting the event. More information can also be found on the Event Registration page.