Recap: What We Can Do For You | St. Lawrence University Student Accessibility Services

Recap: What We Can Do For You

Student Accessibility Services is here to ensure that all students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in all facets of University life, to coordinate support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to reach their educational potential, and to increase the level of awareness among all members of the University so that students with disabilities are able to perform at a level limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities.

St. Lawrence has a director and an assistant director who serve as facilitators and advocates for students with disabilities (learning, attentional, physical, or psychological). Students who identify themselves as having a disability and provide documentation of the disability are assisted in finding the academic help or assistance they need. We will work with students to develop an Individual Educational Accommodation Plan (IEAP). This is similar to the IEP they may have had in high school, but our stress is on accommodation. Technology resources are available to eligible students.

We refer students and advocate for them at several other on-campus-services:
-The Word Studio, for help with writing assignments and oral reports
-The Quantitative Resource Center, for help with math and statistical assignments
-Academic Support for help with time management
-Academic Advising provides peer tutors for general assistance with academic work
-Health and Counseling Services
-Dining Services, to arrange for their special dietary needs
-and such offices as Financial Aid, Business Office, the Registrar, Residence Life, so that they can get quick and helpful attention to their questions.  We can also connect them with state or regional support agencies.

It is important to note that each year several students who had not previously been diagnosed are identified as having a mild or moderate disability. These are usually very bright students who were able to get by and sometimes do very well in high school. However, the degree of difficulty and the volume of work that is required in college creates a sudden wall of difficulty for them because of their disability. Although we do not provide evaluations, (nor do most colleges and universities), we do assist them in the process of obtaining an evaluation. If the evaluation identifies a disability and accommodations are needed, we help students receive them.