Sixth Goal | St. Lawrence University Strategic Map

Sixth Goal

Launch a new facilities master plan to protect, develop, and enrich our learning and living environment and support our vision.

St. Lawrence has completed a 12-year campus building plan, investing more than $200 million over that period in new or renovated facilities, including the Johnson Hall of Science and the Sullivan Student Center among other significant projects.

A new facilities master plan will allow us to align the exciting vision of this map with our campus, its needs, and its possibilities. Direction for updating, maintaining, and adding buildings will emerge from it, all in the context of the University’s dedication to sustainability and the importance of technology in its advance. It will outline ways to use technology more effectively in all facilities to enhance teaching and learning, energy efficiency, and use for new programs and external organizations.

We will explore expanding academic, athletics, and residential facilities, both through renovation and new construction, to support new initiatives in enrollment, teaching, and student life. The University will seek funding from multiple sources, including government grants and private fundraising, to support the development of the campus master plan and its initiatives.

Key objectives:

  • Develop and implement a new facilities master plan by fall 2012 to direct campus growth and use and to align support for evolving needs in teaching, learning, and campus life.
  • Outline facilities priorities for comprehensive fundraising campaign, including maintenance plans and endowments.