Progress | St. Lawrence University Strategic Map


Advance an innovative and distinctive liberal arts curriculum that will empower students to engage their world by focusing on courses, programs, and teaching that build on the University’s commitment to reflective thinking, scholarship and learning.

Develop a new, integrative general education curriculum... DETAILS: Faculty approved in fall 2012; implemented fall 2013, began with Class of 2017. Completed
Make experiential learning a focal point... DETAILS: Hired director of Career Connections; developed "Career Bootcamp." Adding Sustainability Semester internships. Progressing
Pursue a business arts major as well as other programs that address evolving curricular needs... DETAILS: Launched Business in the Liberal Arts major in fall 2013. Completed
Explore creating a center to examine issues of diversity... DETAILS: Established Presidential Commission on Diversity; created permanent oversight committee, added position of Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. Progressing
Enhance commitment to faculty scholarship, research and creative endeavors... DETAILS: Ongoing; increased travel support, consulting on faculty grants. Progressing
Highlight our location and geography as it supports our mission... DETAILS: Exploring grant opportunities; developing related communications and marketing. Progressing
Enhance and further develop sustainability... DETAILS: Launched Sustainability Semester; received grant support for homesteader-in-residence, Nature Up North project; reconfigured Sustainability Coordinator position, entered net-metering agreement for renewable energy Progressing
Review technology needs and bolster (its) use... DETAILS: Received Mellon grant to support digital humanities; planning classroom technology renovations. Progressing

Expand admissions’ reach and enrollment to enhance quality and diversity and advance the University’s financial strength.

Implement a new admissions plan... DETAILS: Expanded national and international markets, including in China, Russia and Middle East. Progressing
Increase undergraduate enrollment... DETAILS: Met goals for enrollment. Will continue to assess growth and impact. Progressing
Review and develop new financial aid strategies... DETAILS: Launched and in progress; meeting need, managing discount rate and increasing yield. Progressing
Continue to increase off-campus learning opportunities... DETAILS: Launched NYC Semester, FYP London, Sustainability Semester, Jordan program; increasing opportunities in China. Progressing
Examine adding or expanding other programs... DETAILS: Marketing international programs to non-SLU students; added statistics major 2015; five new interdisciplinary majors approved by Trustees 2016; added Public Health minor 2017. Progressing
Launch a comprehensive communications plan... DETAILS: Completed identity guide; launched brand management program and added social media/marketing coordinator position. Progressing

Engage alumni more deeply to enrich University connections and expand participation and support of all kinds.

Build the next generation of loyal volunteer leadership... DETAILS: Created alumni engagement metric; launched Laurentian Leadership Committee. Progressing
Develop a new system to track alumni careers and accomplishments... DETAILS: Launched new My St. Lawrence online community to facilitate sharing information. Progressing
Engage alumni with faculty (in) admissions process... DETAILS: Launched SLU SEALS alumni admissions team; former Alumni Council members re-engaged in projects. Progressing
Expand work with alumni to (build on) "St. Lawrence Network"... DETAILS: Created full-time position funded by grant to develop internship program; launched Alumni Council's NYC Semester Task Force; added four regional development officers in NYC, Westchester, Boston, and western NY. Progressing
Broaden programming to provide more opportunities to connect... DETAILS: Launched Laurentian Travel Program; "SLU in a Box" to support regional events. Progressing
Launch a new, comprehensive fundraising initiative... DETAILS: Engaged campaign counsel for feasibility study and ongoing assistance; trustee endorsement of campaign June 2015; engagement campaign communications counsel; established campaign leadership; began quiet phase. Progressing

Foster a cohesive, effective governance structure that engages faculty with students, staff, and trustees in collaborative, creative, and proactive stewardship.

Review governance and decision-making for efficiency... DETAILS: Launched discussion group of Thelmo officers, Faculty Council members and senior staff. Progressing
Review internal communications and explore intranet... DETAILS: Providing monthly updates for employees; launched new employee training and education programs. Progressing

Foster a culture of planning, assessment, and communication.

Review the role of offices involved in assessment and planning... DETAILS: Ongoing, including system for recording and tracking progress of the Strategic Map; ISAC completed Middle States Periodic Review Report; ISAC update of student experience with attention to strengthening the sophomore year. Progressing
Develop a reporting system for initiatives... DETAILS: Creating detailed plans and reporting for Strategic Map, including progress website. Progressing
Examine creating an office for assessment and planning... DETAILS: Exploring partnership to assess programs, examine entrepreneurial ideas and develop action plans. strategizing

Launch a new master facilities plan to protect, develop, and enrich our learning and living environment and support our vision.

Develop and implement a new facilities master plan... DETAILS: Completed Facilities Master Plan; built and opened new residence hall Fall 2014; currently updating Master Plan 2016. Completed
Outline facilities priorities for comprehensive fundraising... DETAILS: Fundraising for heritage spaces ongoing and new priorities in conversation with appropriate campus and board committees. Progressing