Fifth Goal

Foster a culture of strategic planning, assessment, and communication.

Implementing the goals of this Strategic Map and ensuring the continued and growing success of the University will depend on an institutionalized practice of strategic planning and assessment. Benchmarking our progress will be a key factor toward achieving our goals.

Our initiatives involving curriculum, student outcomes, academic and co-curricular programs, facilities, governance, fundraising, alumni engagement, and others must be continually assessed and evaluated to ensure they are following best practices and meeting learning goals and fiscal obligations. We will create viable mechanisms to track and report these elements and allow us to reflect and refocus when necessary.

Key objectives:

  • Review the role and charge of all University departments and offices involved in assessment and strategic planning to determine how they can best support the development and implementation of this strategic plan and its initiatives.
  • Develop a reporting system (internal and external) for strategic initiatives, including an intranet site to track progress and incorporate suggestions for new initiatives.
  • Examine the cost and benefits of creating an office that could provide support and training for assessment and strategic planning.