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Sport Studies and Exercise Science


Coaching Theory, Sports Medicine, and the Principles of Health and Wellness. These are just a few of the courses offered as part of the Sport Studies and Exercise Science minor program. The classes encourage students to examine sport and physical activity through various liberal arts disciplines and feature intellectual discussion of past, present, and future aspects of sport-related topics. Learn about the role of physical activity in human development and the relationship of physical activity to the structures of school, community, workplace and the natural environment.

Many of our alumni pursue sports-related careers in the areas of sports marketing, sports media, journalism, coaching and fitness, and facility management. Our minors have taken positions with collegiate sports information offices, professional/national hockey teams, professional football teams, as well as started their own magazines, fitness businesses, and apparel companies.  Get some hands-on experience right here on campus by designing an independent research project or completing an internship in sport medicine, fitness or sport management.