Fall 2019 Sophomore Seminars | St. Lawrence University Sophomore Success Initiative

Fall 2019 Sophomore Seminars

The Sophomore Success Initiative is delighted to announce the following five seminars designed to serve St. Lawrence students in their second year in the fall of 2019:

ECON 3024

Does Money Make the World Go Round?  Understanding the Federal Reserve System Globally and Locally 

Cynthia Bansak & Lynn Fox

Tuesdays and Thursdays,10:10-11:40 am; 1-unit

In a course designed for all interested in the Federal Reserve, students will study the history and mission of the Federal Reserve System, its role in the 2008 Financial Crisis and Great Recession, and how it operates today.  Course readings and projects include discussing the financial system with former and current Fed staff and financial market participants; learning about the data sets used by the Fed and other economists to understand the economy, and working in a team to develop a recommendation for the Fed’s implementation of monetary policy.  Students will travel to New York for a day of connecting with industry leaders and policymakers and will learn about jobs in finance and economics but also in consumer protection, community development and the broader business community.  (Pre-requisite of Econ 100)

SSES 3016

Positive Youth Development in Sport:

Opportunity, Access, and Reform

Matt McCluskey

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30-10:00 am

October 22nd-December 12th; 0.5-unit

Join us for an interactive seminar on the promise of youth sports programs when they perform at their best, why the experience for many children falls well short of its potential, and how coaches, parents, administrators, and policymakers can best make positive reforms in this critical arena. Come get to know the vibrant Canton youth sports community as well.

PCA/English 200 

What’s the Story?:  Writing for Your Community

Nicole Roché 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:20-3:50 pm; 1-unit

What stories do people in the North Country care about, or need to know about? What stories aren’t being told? After studying their local communities and the news outlets that serve them, students in this immersive seminar will work independently, as news “teams,” and in collaboration with their instructor and other mentors to produce a variety of contributing content for The Hill News, Nature Up North, Weave News, and others.

ENVS 249

Parks and People 

Peter Pettengill

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:40-2:10 pm; 1-unit

National parks have been called the “best idea we ever had,” but are they “absolutely democratic” reflecting “us at our best rather than our worst”?  To explore this question, we will consider a diverse range of perspectives on parks and public lands…including your own. (Pre-requisite of ENVS 100)

GEOL 3009 

Geopolitics of Resources

Eric Ziegelmayer & Jeff Chiarenzelli 

Fridays 8:30 am-12:00 pm; 1-unit

We will explore the synergy between the global economy and the local resources on which it depends through local field trips and global connections.  Our goals include understanding the origin of various resources, the products they support, the market forces that control their value, and ultimately the impact of their exploitation on the environment and local communities.  During the first half of the course we will travel to sites of mineral and timber extraction, solar, wind, and hydro-power production, the Seaway, and the local communities that host them.