Saint Start Challenge Grant Proposal Form | St. Lawrence University Sophomore Success Initiative

Saint Start Challenge Grant Proposal Form

The following components will make up your application for a Saints Start Challenge Grant, which should not exceed 8 pages, double-spaced:

• Introduction (What do you want to study or do with this project? What is the goal and/or purpose of your proposal? Why is this project interesting and worth pursuing [is it a new area of research, are you developing personal skills, etc.])?

• Background (What do I, as a reader of your proposal, need to know about the topic to appreciate the significance of the project you are proposing? This section should show the review committee that you are well-informed in regards to the project’s implications, context and background and that you are proposing and are prepared to undertake it.)

• Project Design & Methodology (How will you actually accomplish the project, creative work, or research you are proposing? Think through the various steps and activities that you will need to perform to make it happen. What tools, equipment, surveys, online resources, etc. will you need to access? Discuss any skills or courses that you have already taken that will help you accomplish the project. Also discuss any skills that you will need to develop in order to complete your proposal, and how you plan on developing those skills. Also, how closely will you be working/coordinating with your faculty or staff sponsor?)

• Conclusion (What will you learn or accomplish in this project? What benefits will it have for the University or the wider community?)

• Intended Outcomes (In at least 250 and no more than 500 words, explain what benefits this project will have for you? How will this project further your overall academic and/or career goals?)

• Bibliography *(Include any references that you cited in your introduction, background, or project design)