Faculty/Staff Sponsor Recommendation | St. Lawrence University Sophomore Success Initiative

Faculty/Staff Sponsor Recommendation

A faculty or staff sponsor must recommend your proposal, explaining the extent to which the sponsor will be involved in this project. The sponsor need not be a hands-on on-campus mentor as with the University Fellows or Tanner programs, but should be willing to provide the periodic guidance and accountability necessary to help the student see the project through to completion.  To reflect the time commitment involved, an honorarium of up to $300 may be requested by the faculty or staff sponsor (this amount does not need to be included in project budget).

Faculty and Staff sponsors of Saint Start Challenge Grant recipients are expected to:

(1) help sophomores develop their project proposals;

(2) check in with the student at least twice over the summer, once to confirm the early stages of the project are going smoothly and again later to confirm the project is making appropriate progress toward completion; and

(3) read and briefly respond to the student’s final report.

For this service, an honorarium of up to $300 may be requested; in cases where the faculty or staff member is working more closely with the student on the model of the University Fellows or Tanner programs, additional funds may be sought by the faculty member.