Certification to Teach Social Studies | St. Lawrence University Sociology

Certification to Teach Social Studies

A sociology major or minor is a great fit for those interested in becoming primary or secondary school teachers of sociology or social studies.  A sociology or social science teacher is prepared to teach about diversity and social structures and emphasize the dynamics of power and inequality that operate on local, national, and global levels.  St. Lawrence University actively supports students interested in careers in education.  For information about career options in education, please visit the Education Department website.

The teacher certification minor is only available to students who matriculated before fall semester 2019. For information on teacher certification options approved by the New York State Board of Regents, requirements for the certification minor, and the requirements for the professional semester, please contact the Coordinator of the Teacher Education Program. Students who are eligible to pursue this minor must complete all requirements and the professional semester by the end of spring semester 2022.