Certification to Teach Social Studies | St. Lawrence University Sociology

Certification to Teach Social Studies

Students seeking initial certification as a 7-12 social studies teacher in New York can major in sociology. In addition to completing the certification minor in education, students majoring in sociology must also take History 103 (Development of the United States, 1607-1877)  and 104 (Development of the United States, 1877-Present); Global Studies 102 (Introduction  to Global Studies II: Race, Culture, Identity); one economics course (Economics 100, Introduction  to Economics, is recommended  if only one course is taken); one government course (Government  103, Introduction  to American Politics, is recommended  if only one course is taken); and at least one course in the major that illuminates U.S. and/or world history and geography. Students are also encouraged to take courses in other social sciences and area studies to round out their preparation for teaching social studies. Sociology majors intending to complete student teaching after graduation in the University’s Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program must complete the educational studies minor (or its equivalent) as undergraduates and all of the social science requirements listed above (or their equivalents).

Consult the Education section of the Catalog and/or speak to the coordinator of the teacher education program in the education department as early as possible.