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Ryan Orvis

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Class year: 
Business in the Liberal Arts
Environmental Studies
Fairfield, Connecticut

If I only had access to one social media channel for the rest of my life, it would be... Instagram. I believe that a picture tells the best story and when you can add a caption, it makes the story even better!

If I could change one thing about social media, it would be... removing Instagram Stories. Instagram is about sharing a story through an individual post. For me, Snapchat is the best platform for telling a story through multiple posts and videos.

What I most enjoy about being a part of St. Lawrence's Student Social Media Team is... getting to brainstorm ideas with an incredible group of students. The students on the team come from many areas of campus which allows for many perspectives and ideas. We all have different talents which helps us see ideas in different lights such as photographers or videographers or even blog writers. We are able to brainstorm ideas from all angles and produce the best product in the end.

My favorite things to do outside of the team are... skiing, cooking, and traveling. I was the President of the Thelomathesian Society and also the Treasurer of the Association for Campus Entertainment. I am a member of Beta Theta Pi and spent my junior spring in Cairns, Australia. I was able to get my divers certification and it is now my new favorite hobby.

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