R. Christopher Di Mezzo | St. Lawrence University Social Media

R. Christopher Di Mezzo

Male student standing in front of a building
Class year: 
Performance and Communication Arts
Gender & Sexuality Studies

If I only had access to one social media channel for the rest of my life, it would be... Facebook because it allows versatility that I would miss from all of the other channels. I use social media to show the world my personal brand, which is why all of my social media accounts are public, and I find that Facebook gives me the biggest canvas to do just that.

One thing I would change about social media is… I would love the see what people would post if a constant need for “likes” and “favorites” didn't exist. Oftentimes I think about how much great content is never posted because the user was afraid they wouldn’t get enough likes.

What I most enjoy about being a part of St. Lawrence's Student Social Media Team is... it offers an avenue to put my creativity and critical thinking skills in congress with one another. The projects we work on together really challenge us all in different ways and I think it’s that challenge that I enjoy most.

My favorite thing to do outside of the team is… my involvement in student activities on campus. I love planning, advertising, and executing events on and off campus for people to enjoy!

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