Nick Zachara | St. Lawrence University Social Media

Nick Zachara

Skier in front of a mountain

Class year: 
Business in the Liberal Arts
Economics and Environmental Studies
Summit, New Jersey

If I only had access to one social media channel for the rest of my life, it would be... Instagram because I love taking and looking at pictures. I could sit on Instagram all day.

If I could change one thing about social media, it would be... the addictiveness of social media. I love almost everything about social media, but the fact that people are on it all the time can become irritating and detrimental to relationships.

What I most enjoy about being a part of St. Lawrence's Student Social Media Team is... playing a role in what my fellow classmates see on social media as well as potential students and alumni. It is such a privilege to see my photos being enjoyed by Laurentians of all ages.

My favorite thing to do outside of the team is...enjoy our proximity to the Adirondacks (skiing, hiking, biking and documenting all of it!)

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