Jenna Mead

Girl wearing bike helmet
Jenna Mead
Performance and Communication Arts
Bedford, New Hampshire

If I only had access to one social media channel for the rest of my life, it would be... Facebook, which oddly enough, I don’t even have on my phone. This is my only control to stop myself from being on it too much. I like that Facebook is a connector. It allows for sharing of articles, pictures and life’s biggest moments. It encapsulates best parts of other channels all in one place. 

If I could change one thing about social media, it would be... the fact that for some of the greatest posts, life has to be interrupted. I choose not to interrupt many moments of my life that I really wish I could share. The sunrises and views of my morning runs are beautiful and I wish I could capture the whole moment to share with my friends, but I refuse to carry a phone or camera or stop my stride to get a shot. So in the ideal dream future world, we need mental photo processing and let the likes begin. 

What I most enjoy about being a part of St. Lawrence's Student Social Media Team is... that it is my creative outlet. I love being able to throw out wild ideas, get feedback and be challenged to form narratives around campus life. The work keeps me attuned to the pulse of campus and always seeking out new opportunities and angles.

My favorite thing(s) to do outside of the team is... cleaning - is that a hobby? If not, I would say you are likely to finding me out running around campus, especially if the sun is still rising.

Learn more about me: Check out my blog where I share my summer adventures on Block Island!