SLU Buddies: A Two-Way Street

Going through the local school system, Elizabeth Bastien ’15 saw how SLU Buddies engaged her classmates in learning and developing important social skills, and how it connected St. Lawrence students to the community. So, after enrolling at St. Lawrence, she joined. “SLU Buddies has given me the opportunity to help kids growing up in the same area that I did,” she says.

Similar to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, SLU Buddies fosters fellowship, friendship and supportive relationships in several school districts surrounding Canton. Students meet with their buddy one hour every week during the academic year. For SLU Buddies President Danielle McBride ’14, this outreach benefits both the buddies and the volunteers. “St. Lawrence students have acquired a better understanding of the surrounding community,” says Danielle. “And they’ve also made a positive impact on local youth who are in need of somebody to look up to.”         

“Every Tuesday and Wednesday I can count on having students come up to me and say, ‘I have SLU Buddies today! I can’t wait!’” says Joe McDonough, principal at Canton’s elementary school. “The St. Lawrence students provide terrific role models and form genuine, caring relationships with our children.”                   --Mary Baucom ’13