According to Christopher Morrin, “being a male in the sexual violence prevention field surprises people.”
Appointed St. Lawrence’s new coordinator for sexual health education
and violence prevention, Morrin graduated from Lehigh University in 2008
with a bachelor’s degree in political science and German. 

During his undergraduate years, Morrin became involved with the
peer advocacy group Break the Silence.  As a member, he became
increasingly aware of, and concerned with, sexual violence prevention,
especially on college campuses.

“You never think you know a survivor,” said Morrin. “It’s very
likely you do; they just have not disclosed their story to you yet.”

After receiving his master’s degree from Lehigh in political
science in 2009, Morrin knew he wanted to work as a college counselor in
a sexual violence prevention network.  When looking at St. Lawrence he
said, “I was impressed with SLU’s advocates program, especially the forefront information on their Web site.”

One of Morrin’s goals is to “develop the program across campus,” and become involved with student groups including Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence, Black Women’s Residence and Sexuality and Gender Activists
(SaGA).  The Advocate and Reachout hotlines are programs that Morrin
would like to improve for the benefit of St. Lawrence students.  Working
toward consolidating several hotlines, Morrin suggests “a one-stop
call” system rather than a list of numbers, often daunting to a victim
of sexual violence.