September 2013 Monthly Update

September Monthly Update for Campus
William L. Fox

Admissions and the Class of 2017:  Here are 10 facts to help you get to know our newest Laurentians:

1. The Class of 2017 includes 632 students, we also welcome 26 transfer students.
2. 55% are female, 45% are male
3. 36% are from New York State, 53% from 29 other states
4. 74 are U.S. students of color
5. 74 are international students from 24 countries
6. 564 students participated in high school athletics
7. 84% of students were involved in community service
8. 438 students held a leadership position in high school
9. 417 high schools are represented
10. 234 students participated in the arts
Summer visits by prospective students for the Class of 2018 and beyond were up 14%, a healthy indicator of an increased application pool.

Residence Hall Construction Update: Workers building our new residence hall have begun drilling geothermal wells that will provide environmentally clean and energy-efficient heating and cooling to the building.  We're working with the contractors to cause as little disruption to campus as possible.  Drilling of the wells will take place over the next several weeks only during daytime hours.  The process will include drilling 24 geothermal wells adjacent to the new residence hall, each of which will be about 450 feet deep.  Piping will then connect the underground wells to the building, which will deliver heating and cooling to the facility.  Construction of the residence hall, which is being built on the former road and parking lot between the Noble Center and the Quad, began in April.  The residence hall will be home to as many as 155 students when it opens in fall 2014. For more information on the new residence hall, including fast facts and a live webcam of the construction, visit

Advancement:  Overall philanthropic giving in FY13 totaled $12.5 million, with nearly $4.6 million in gifts to the St. Lawrence Fund.  Fundraising for the new residence hall remains our top capital priority, with nearly $6 million in commitments raised to date.  Laurentian Engagement events include Homecoming (October 11-13) and Reunion (May 29-June 1), which will include two major affinity reunions – the France program’s 50th anniversary and the Kenya program’s 40th anniversary.  In addition, our online Laurentian Lecture Series continues this fall.  On September 24, Liz Regosin will lead our next online lecture on “Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation.”     As we continue to expand and measure Laurentian engagement, we encourage faculty and staff to use the online faculty/staff engagement forms to document the types of interactions you are having with alumni. Visit to share information. 

Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers (LINC): We have launched a new career services program funded through a gift by Michael Arpey’85 that matches a select group of first-year and sophomore students with an alumni mentor and then provides structure for maintaining the mentoring relationships over the course of the academic year.  The program will begin this fall with 57 alumni mentors, including 14 trustees, who will be matched with approximately 40 first-year and 25 sophomore students.  Alumni mentors will meet their students on-campus during one of the weekends in September or October beginning with the weekend of September 27-28 when the program formally launches.  More information about the program can be found in the program brochure.
Career Connections Summer Internship Course:  In February 2013, a quarter credit internship course was approved for students who undertake an internship of at least 50 hours over six weeks.  The course helps students integrate internships into their academic program, while encouraging them to explore their academic and professional goals.  In addition to gaining practical experience and contacts, through the analytical and reflective work of the course, students also became better able to articulate skills, gained a clearer sense of their career interests, and developed a more sophisticated understanding of the relationship of their academic work to their professional goals.  Seventeen students participated in the inaugural course with internships in government, media/communications, law, business/finance, and environment.  Course requirements included submitting an internship proposal, developing specific learning objectives, and keeping a log of their activities and observations.  Students also submitted a critical reflection paper on their internship, in addition to a supervisor evaluation. 

Athletics: Athletics launched its new spirit brand, the culmination of a months-long collaborative process with University Communications that included conversations and concept testing with hundreds of students, faculty, staff, alumni, fans and friends. The result, we hope, is a reflection of our tradition and the pride that Laurentians have in our athletics program and our student-athletes. The new designs may be seen, among other places, in the new Athletics website, completed this summer: In addition to highlighting the accomplishments of our student-athletes, the new site includes a catalog for Saints gear and free webcasts of St. Lawrence sports.

Computer roll out:  After 18 months of planning and implementation, Rollout 2013 is complete.  Over 1,330 computers were replaced this summer, ahead of schedule and under budget.  Sustainability continued to be an important factor in our approach as we established requirements and expectations in our NY6 windows RFP process.

Classroom renovations:  We have made technology upgrades to 10 teaching and learning spaces this summer.  These spaces, as well as several others, also received improvements to seating, lighting, window treatments, and wall and floor coverings.  The most notable improvement can be found on the lower-level of Carnegie Hall where two seminar spaces have been converted into a single flexible classroom accommodating 40 students.  

Library website: The result of 15 months of work, the new library web site has simplified navigation, a robust site search and designed to work well on smart phones, tablets and widescreen monitors.