Wild Animal Awareness

Bats, Rodents, and other wild animals

What to do if you come into contact with any of these animals

Bats or Squirrels:

  • If you discover a bat or squirrel in your room or building, DO NOT attempt to capture it yourself. If it is in a room, carefully leave the room, close the door behind you and call Security x5555.
  • A Security Officer will be sent to the area.
  • Do not touch the animal. Avoid all contact.
  • If the animal is in a more open location such as a hallway, advise others in the area to calmly leave the area and call Security x5555.
  • If the animal has bitten you, get medical attention immediately by calling Security for assistance at x5555.
  • Security will notify the animal control officer to capture the bat or squirrel and determine the need for testing. If the animal tests positive or cannot be captured for testing, then you will be advised to seek medical attention immediately.


  • If you discover a mouse in your room notify Security x5555 and a Facilities Operations representative will be sent to check the area and set a trap as needed.

For more information:

St. Lawrence County Public Health
(315) 265-3768 NYS

Department of Environmental Conservation
(315) 265-3090

Security and Safety ­ Office
(315) 229-5555