Theft Prevention Brochure

Help us to protect you:

1. Watch for suspicious persons in and around buildings and in parking lots.

2. Call immediately if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary. Remember we cannot be all places all of the time.

3. Report all thefts and property losses immediately to the Department of Security and Safety. Do not remove or alter anything. Leave things just as you found them.

Theft of Property

Theft is a crime of opportunity. Most thefts occur when valuables are left unattended and when the thief thinks there is a minimal chance of being apprehended. Virtually any article if left in plain view, unattended, or unsecured is apt to be stolen.

Last year more than half of all reported thefts on campus were a result of an unlocked door, unattended belongings, or valuable items being left in plain view. You, of the St. Lawrence University community, can assist in reducing this crime by supporting the Department of Security and Safety in its efforts to apprehend criminals and by using preventative measures to reduce the opportunity for criminal acts.

There are several things that you can do to assist us in reducing the number of thefts that occur on campus.

To reduce the chances of theft, make it difficult and risky for the would-be-thief.

Protect your room

1. Shut and lock your doors when not in your room (even if only for a minute.)

2. Don’t prop open outside doors; this is an open invitation to criminals.

3. Do not loan your keys or share the combination to your room with anyone

Protect your property

1. Mark your valuables with some type of identifying mark. Your social security number or the Operation ID number are two suggestions.

2. Make a list of your valuables- include make, model, serial number and identifying marks.

3. Never leave personal items like coats or back packs in common areas like dining halls or study areas.


1. Always keep it locked when not in use.

2. Park in well-lighted areas.

3. Do not leave valuable items where they can be seen through the windows.

Protect your bicycle

1. Always keep it locked when not in use.

2. Do not store it alone in a lightly traveled area.

3. Register your bike through the Department of Security and safety.

4. Use a quality bike-theft device