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Hospital Transportation

When SLU EMS arrives on-scene, it becomes our responsibility to care for the patient(s). Any Student, Faculty member, Staff member, or Visitor to campus has the right to request an Ambulance to transport him or her to the Hospital.

SLU EMS is bound policies and protocols written by both the State of New York’s Department of Health and the North Country Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee that dictate how our providers must care for our patients.

SLU EMS, while on-scene, is required to evaluate each patient to determine if he or she is hemodynamically, neurologically, and/or psychologically stable. If a patient is determined unstable, then SLU EMS must request immediate transport from Canton Rescue. While our services are free-of-charge, there may be a free associated with Ambulance transportation.

If the patient does not wish to be transported by ambulance to a hospital but still wishes to seek further medical attention, the patient has a number of options. It is important to note, however, that all of these options require signing a form which releases SLU EMS from any liability associated with seeking medical attention in a manner other then by ambulance transport to a hospital. Should a patient feel that this is still the best option for him or her, St. Lawrence has student drivers on call who may transport the patient to many locations, including the SLU Health Center, the EJ Noble After Hours Clinic, Canton-Potsdam Hospital or Claxon-Hepburn Medical Center free of charge.

We wish to reiterate that these options can be undertaken only if the patient is found to be mentally and physically stable enough to make decisions for his or herself. Please see the Patient Care FAQs for more information on this.