Role Reversal: Your Professor Becomes Your Student

Imagine your professor working with you after you graduate. That’s what happened with Jim Powers ’10, co-founder and creative director at West Field Films in Averill Park, N.Y.

Powers wrote the movie “Five Census,” keeping Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts (PCA) Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead in mind for the role of Adore, the main character.

“Right from the start of production it was clearly a peer relationship, she was quick to point that out,” he says. “Ann Marie, of all the amazing professors in the PCA department, made the biggest impact on me at an artistic level. For the entirety of the shoot I was in director mode, but I was still a student watching her implement the practices she teaches and was convinced that she is not only a teacher, but also an artist.”

Jim’s undergraduate experience largely influenced his career. “St. Lawrence enabled me to expand on what I loved to do and really fostered my creative drive,” he says. “I was able to lay the groundwork for understanding not only what it takes to have a successful business, but also to make commercials and films that I can be proud of.”