Student Bios

Omolola Akingba
Major(s): Business in the Liberal Arts, French/ German
Minor(s): Education

I am Nigerian but raised in Swaziland and South Africa. I am a current sophomore and I intend on doing a double major in French and Business with minors in Economics and Education. After St....

Tatjana Jovanovic
Major(s): Biology
Minor(s): Chemistry

My name is Tatjana Jovanovic, and I’m an international student from a small southeastern European country – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I’m majoring in biology, and my academic interests lie in...

Justin Dalaba
Major(s): Conservation Biology

My name is Justin Dalaba and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University.  I came here with the hope of studying in my field of interest and found myself drawn to the numerous opportunities...

Mirta Mikac
Major(s): Neuroscience

I was born and raised in a small southeastern European country - Croatia, but I also spent two years living in Hong Kong.

I’m majoring in neuroscience but I am still debating if I would...