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Tatjana Jovanovic

Tatjana Jovanovic
Class year: 
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

My name is Tatjana Jovanovic, and I’m an international student from a small southeastern European country – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I’m majoring in biology, and my academic interests lie in the cellular and molecular track. I believe that St. Lawrence University has an amazing biology department and our science building provides a great space for students’ academic development.

Before I came to the US I have spent 2 years studying at the United World College of Hong Kong. I am currently a junior at St. Lawrence University, but I will be spending next semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. Making study abroad a part of my education is the most effective way for me to enhance my academic interests, develop valuable career skills and broaden my professional network.

My favorite part about being a CA is building friendships with so many people from different backgrounds, and one of the things I will miss the most while studying abroad are my residents. As a CA, I am always looking forward to providing community that is welcoming and understanding, and helping out my residents with any problems they may face along their way as first years.