Leanne Cook

Leanne Cook
Leanne Cook
Hispanic Studies
Rochester, NY

It is my senior year at SLU and I could not have asked for a better college or life experience these past few years.  The friends I have made here, the fantastic liberal arts education I have achieved, and the opportunities and leadership roles I have been fortunate enough to take have helped me grow in ways I truly never imagined.  Opportunities SLU and the surrounding community have given me, such as volunteering and acting as a Community Assistant, have helped me grow my leadership skills and make a positive impact on the community.  It has taught me that you really do get out what you put in!  Coming from just outside of Rochester, NY, I did not think I would find even more diversity in life experiences and backgrounds (religious, ethnic, etc) up in the north country, but the cornucopia of different people SLU has brought together has really enriched my experience and life perspective.  I looked forward to graduation because I know that wherever I go, and wherever my fellow Laurentians go, we will bring what we have learned at SLU to continue to grow personally and impact larger communities in positive ways.