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Justin Dalaba

Justin Dalaba
Class year: 
Conservation Biology

My name is Justin Dalaba and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University.  I came here with the hope of studying in my field of interest and found myself drawn to the numerous opportunities offered that I hadn't even heard about before arriving.  I am a Conservation Biology major with a lifetime love for the outdoors.  Whether it's the 5:30am crew practice on the water, a long bike ride or an afternoon hike, I find myself most content when I get the chance to just reflect on nature as well as my own thoughts.  St. Lawrence has provided me with some life-changing opportunities including peak weekend, independent field studies for biology and ecology, and the chance to work with first years and give them insight on what SLU really has to offer.  I find my sanity through reflection in nature and an appreciation for the simple things.  I believe everyone has their own place where they can remove themselves from stressful times and mine happens to be the quiet outdoors.