Residence Life Assistant Job Description

The Residence Life Assistant (RLA) is a new opportunity to work with the Office of Residence Life and get to know the office, professional staff and the administrative work conducted in the office.  This position provides a lot of potential with the possibility for new events and experiences each week; we can think of this new role as an "apprentice" for the Office of Residence Life.

Terms of Employment

  1. The Residence Life Assistant (RLA) is an employee of St. Lawrence University and is a staff member of the Office of Residence Life. The RLA must comply with all rules and regulations set forth in the Student Handbook.
  1. The RLA reports to, and is accountable to, the two Associate Directors of Residence Life.  Specific job responsibilities and the corresponding direct supervisor for each responsibility are outlined below. 
  1. The RLA duty responsibilities include:
  • Collect, document, and process residence hall damage billing information
  • Assist the Associate Director of Residence Life & Housing Operations with spring semester housing selection processes including, but not limited to:
    1. Townhouse Selection
    2. Theme Housing Selection
    3. Housing Lottery
  • Assist the Associate Director of Residence Life & Residential Education, and work collaboratively with Residential Coordinators, on functional committees including, but not limited to:
    1. CA Training
    2. CA Selection
    3. Staff Appreciation
  • Assist in the completion of other “ad hoc” projects, as assigned by both Associate Directors of Residence Life.  This may include updating the Residence Life website, organizing student focus groups, researching emerging trends in social media, or other relevant projects and duties as assigned.
  • Assist with all residence hall closings at academic breaks and at the end of the fall/spring semesters.  If the RLA is of Junior class standing, this requirement includes assisting with closing after Commencement in May.  If the RLA is of Senior class standing, they are released of their job responsibilities following the initial residence hall closings after final exams in May (same policy in effect for Community Assistants).
  1. The RLA position is a year-long appointment, with an expectation that this position will serve a full academic year term from August – May.  The specific dates of employment are Monday, August 14, 2017 through Monday, May 21, 2018. 
  1. The RLA must be a matriculated as full-time undergraduate student of Junior or Senior class standing.
  1. The RLA must have successfully completed a minimum of two (2) full semesters as a Community Assistant at St. Lawrence University, and completed at least one (1) August CA training program, as well as the CA course (ND 102). 
  1. The RLA must maintain a cumulative average of at least 2.70, and adhere to all stipulations in the University's Academic Policy. If unable to maintain a 2.70 average, the Residence Life Assistant may be placed on probationary status or face possible removal from the position.
  1. The RLA must be in good standing in regard to student conduct, from the time of selection through the tenure of their employment.  As a student at St. Lawrence University, a RLA is expected to adhere to the alcohol/drug policy as set forth in the Student Handbook. As a key member of the Residence Life staff, this position is expected to make wise choices because they are role models for residents and fellow students, and unwise choices may jeopardize employment.  Within this context, it is important to note that the RLA may not host alcohol-related events in their staff apartment.  The RLA may also not distribute/provide alcohol to others, even if both parties are of legal age. 
  1. Formal and informal evaluation and assessment of the RLA will be ongoing throughout the year.
  1. The RLA is required to seek approval from the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life before accepting any on or off campus employment or undertaking any activities on or off campus that may interfere with their job performance.  These activities may include internships, work-study hours, intercollegiate sports, etc.
  1. The RLA may not serve as a TIPS monitor for campus events.  They may, however, be TIPS trained. 
  1. Mandatory attendance and participation is expected for the following functions, including but not limited to:
  • August Training:  Sunday, August 20, 2017 through new student orientation
  • Thanksgiving Break Closing:  Friday, November 17 & Saturday, November 18, 2017
  • Winter Break Closing:  Saturday, December 23, 2017
  • January Training:  Sunday, January 14, 2018 through new student orientation
  • Spring Break Closing:  Friday, March 16 & Saturday, March 17 , 2018
  • End of the Year Closings: Saturday, May 12 (all) & Monday, May 21, 2018 (Junior only)
  • Weekly staff meetings, 1:1 meetings, and other meetings as assigned by your supervisor(s)
Terms of Discontinuance

This agreement may be terminated due to any of the following events: mutual agreement, failure to effectively fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Residence Life Assistant position, not fulfilling the terms of this agreement, if circumstances develop where services are no longer required, (i.e., a residence unit is closed), or any other reason deemed appropriate by the University in its sole discretion to be sufficient.  Dismissal from the Residence Life Assistant position will result in loss of compensation benefits and the individual will be assigned to a new room.


1. Residence Life Assistant compensation equals the semester room rate.  The RLA is given the choice of bi-weekly checks equaling the cost of a room or a room wavier.  Once a compensation option is selected, the individual may not change it during that academic year.   

2. The Residence Life Assistant is required to meet with and follow any procedures that may be outlined by the Financial Aid Office in order to receive compensation.  The RLA is then required to notify Residence Life of their compensation option.  The RLA must complete or have on file a W2 and I9 with University prior to the start of their employment.   

3. The Residence Life Assistant is assigned a staff apartment located in a residence hall.

Please note: All dates are tentative and this agreement is subject to change before the Fall 2017 semester begins.