CA End Of Year Reception & CA Award Winners

On Friday, May 1st the Office of Residence Life hosted the annual End of Year Dessert Reception for the CA Team. This is a time for us to gather to celebrate a year of hard work and fun community building! In addition, we acknowledged the efforts of outstanding CAs in our four awards categories and CAs in the Class of 2015.

CA Award Winners

These awards are voted on by the CA Team, and are based on the number of votes and quality of the nominations. We've included a description of each award we give out, the winners of the award, and a quote (or two!) from the nomination letters for our winners.

Best Team Player Award: Brittney Charleston '16, Louie Freda '17, William Miller '16 & Maddy Wetterhahn '15

You know you could count on this person to always step up for the good of the team. This CA was always there to lend a hand, give advice and motivate the group to do their best. This year we were able to give out a Team Player award for each team.

  • DESHJ: William Miller '16
  • GRW: Louie Freda '17
  • LPR: Brittney Charleston '16
  • Kirk Douglas, #’s & THM: Maddy Wetterhahn '15

What did other CAs say about our winners?  “All of these people are great! I love having them on the team and they do so much for all of us, even though we're not all on the same duty/rounds staff.” & “These CAs are always positive and willing to give advice with an infectious smile.”

Best Community Builder Award: Omolola (Lola) Akingba '17

This award goes to the CA who engaged with their residents consistently all year in an effort to build a strong and tight knit community.

What did other CAs say about Lola? “I really admire the candidate’s dedication to building a strong community and finding ways to improve upon it in different ways to adapt to her specific community, such as through passive programming.  In addition to this, she is an incredible source of positive energy and uses this to develop a stronger rapport with other CAs and the greater St. Lawrence community.”

Rookie of the Year: Thressa Zimmerman '17

Coming into the CA position can be overwhelming, but this person jumped right in and did a great job! This CA came into this position excited and ready to be the best CA they could be, and they accomplished it and is now a CA that others can look up to!

What did other CAs say about Thressa? “This CA has built such a strong community in Whitman and impresses me with how much work she puts in to improving her community. I look up to her for ways and ideas I can bring to my own community.” & “From start to finish, your shining and radiant personality and positive attitude took on the CA position head on and succeeded with flying colors!”

CA of the Year: Tzintzun Aguilar Izzo '15

This CA consistently met the high expectations we have for you as CAs. They understand what it means to build positive community, are role models on campus, and has a genuine care and concern for residents and SLU.

What did other CAs say about Tzintzun? “This CA exemplifies what it means to put your best effort into being a CA and has genuine passion and enthusiasm for the job. I feel comfortable going to him, not only with questions about the CA position, but questions or concerns I might have as a student at St. Lawrence. This is a crucial trait to have as a CA for residents who are seeking help or resources for the problems they may encounter here.”

Senior CAs - Congratulations Class of 2015!

In addition to our outstanding CA Award Winners, we would like to acknowledge the seniors on our team that will soon start a new adventure.

  • Tzintzun Aguilar Izzo
  • Shannon Allen
  • Scott Chapp
  • Andre Chavez
  • Brady Cooper
  • Taylor Gale
  • Glenda Gomez
  • Carson Harvey
  • Tonisha Kerr
  • Hanane Lahnaoui
  • Maryam Laly
  • Edward Marr
  • McKenzie Meservey
  • Emmanuel Ngenoh
  • Aisha O'Connor
  • Tatenda Pasipanodya
  • Katherine Penalo
  • Kyle Plimpton
  • Kasia Reyes
  • Holly Stewart
  • Madeline Wetterhahn

Congratulations to our seniors, and remember to stay in touch!