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Housing Selection Process

Senior Housing Options

Off Campus - For fall 2020, up to 25 seniors will have the opportunity to live off campus. Students interested in this option will need to apply using the Senior Off Campus Application. A judicial check will also be done to determine eligibility. This process is separate from the commuter application process. The selected seniors will not be charged for on campus housing and will be responsible for finding their own housing off campus. Off Campus Applications are due to Residence Life by 5pm on Friday, December 13, 2019. 

Off Campus decisions will be sent via email on Friday, December 20, 2019.

Approved students must accept or decline this option by January 24, 2020.

Senior Townhouses - The Steiner Residences offer a transitional living opportunity for 144 rising seniors.  Each Townhouse features 4 single bedrooms, 1 double bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room space.  Shared laundry facilities are located in each grouping of townhouses.  Students selected for residence in the townhouses participate in one of the campus board plans.  

Assignments to the Senior Townhouses are made through an application process and lottery.  Criteria for eligibility is based on citizenship displayed on campus during their previous years.  Students interested in living in the townhouses will form groups of 6 plus one alternate.  Each group  will complete the Townhouse Application in which they answer essay questions addressing the contributions they have made to the SLU community and what they would contribute to the townhouse community. Applications are due on February 6, 2020 by 5:00 pm.  Students will be notified on February 25th by email of their eligibility for the townhouse room draw. 

A committee of current seniors and administrators will select the top 24 groups to live in the Townhouses.  These groups will then be invited to a townhouse room draw where they can confirm their acceptance of a townhouse, choose the particular townhouse they will live in, and designate who will live in each room of the townhouse. The 24 groups will be called in averaged lottery number order starting with the lowest. The townhouse room date is March 3rd.  During Townhouse Room Draw at least one member of each group of 6 must be present to choose their Townhouse and must have the Housing Lottery Card for each member of the group.

(Please note:  The committee will review student conduct history for each applicant, looking particularly at frequency and severity of violations.  If one student in the group is denied based on conduct history, the entire group will be denied.)


Theme Houses and Floors

A theme community is a recognized group of students living in a university house or residence hall with a common interest, vision, or goal that will benefit students, the university, or the Canton community. This common interest can center on a particular academic area (e.g. political awareness or foreign language), a specific issue (e.g. low impact living, women's issues), or a hobby or skill (e.g. the arts, technology). A few theme communities serve mainly as a safe space while others focus more on programming; some are a combination of the two.

Students interested in continuing a current theme or proposing a new programmatic theme community should make note of the following:

· Theme Proposals are due by 5:00pm on March 2nd  to the Residence Life Office  (this applies to both houses and floors).

Groups will be asked to attend an interview in mid-March. 

· A committee will select and notify groups of their status by e-mail on March 23rd. 

Each theme house/floor will recruit and select members during February.  Students should apply individually to theme cottages which interest them.  Students selected for residence in a theme house or floor will submit their Housing Lottery Card to the theme coordinator who will then give it to Residence Life.  Ultimately you can only submit your Housing Lottery Card for one theme and you cannot be on the alternate list for another theme. If a group is denied, students should pick up their Housing Lottery Card from the Residence Life Office and continue in the housing process. 

On and Off Campus Greek Housing

Each Greek letter organization must submit a complete housing roster with a Housing Lottery Card for each student.  Greek organizations are expected to fill all housing spaces with Greek letter members. As it states in the handbook, houses must be filled before members are eligible for other housing options.  Newly activated members will remain on the campus meal plan until the semester after they join the organization. Greek organizations must submit their roster and Housing Lottery Cards for each student to Residence Life by 5pm on March 10, 2020.

Commuter Status

In order for a St. Lawrence student to be granted commuter status, the student must meet specific criteria.  Commuter status may be granted under one of the following conditions:

· were born before September 1, 1996

· have legal dependents (other than a spouse) 

· are married 

· will be living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in their legal and established residence within the immediate area

· qualify as an independent student according to federal guidelines for student financial aid

To be considered for commuter status a student must fill out the Commuter Student Application.  Applications are due by 5pm on March 24, 2020.  Students will attach their unsigned Housing Lottery Card to their applications. In most instances, it will be necessary to provide supportive documentation.  Students will be notified via email on March 30th of the status of their commuter application. If a student is denied, they should pick up their Housing Lottery Card from the Residence Life Office and continue in the housing process.

Special Housing Accommodations

Students that wish to petition for special housing due to medical conditions, psychological conditions, and learning disabilities should refer to the Special Housing Accommodations page for more information on the process and to access the petition forms.  Petitions are due to the Residence Life Office by 5pm on March 10th.  Students will be notified of the status of their petition by email on March 30th.

Lifestyle Floors

Since residing in a community with students who share the similar values and interests is a priority for many students, the Office of Residence Life currently offers the following lifestyle floor options. Students may only apply for one of these options.

Scholars Floor - Students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher are eligible to apply for housing on the Scholars Floor.   The goal of scholars housing is to create an environment for students who choose to place emphasis on their academic success.  Residents of the Scholars Floor establish community standards to meet this goal.  These standards may include extended quiet hours and/or group study sessions.  Residents of the Scholars Floor must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

The Scholars Floor will be located in Sykes.  Rooms will be assigned beginning with the applicant with the lowest lottery number. 

Quiet Study Areas - A 24-Hour quiet environment is another lifestyle floor option for students.  One Quiet Study Floor is located in Sykes and one in 62 Park.  Residents of the Quiet Floors agree to maintain a quiet atmosphere 24 hours a day. 

Wellness Floor - Space will be designated for upperclass students who choose to live in an environment which is free of alcohol and other substances (e.g. tobacco products, illegal drugs).  Residents and their guests agree to maintain this environment by not possessing alcohol or other substances, not possessing empty containers of these products, and not returning to the floor disruptive or intoxicated. The Wellness floor will be located in Whitman.

To be considered for one of the Lifestyle Floors you must fill out the application for the floor where you are interested in living.  There is a different application for each floor and they are available on the Applications and Forms page.  Residence Life reserves the right to conduct judicial checks for each applicant. Applications are due by 5pm on March 24th.  Students will attach their Housing Lottery Card to their applications. Students will be notified via email on March 30th as to whether or not they have been assigned to a Lifestyle Floor. If a student is denied, they should pick up their Housing Lottery Card from the Residence Life Office and continue in the housing process.

Room Draws (for Multiples, Singles, and Doubles)

Apart from Senior Housing, Theme Houses and Lifestyle floors, we offer a chance for students to select their room for next year in a Room Draw.  There are three different kinds of room draw.  The first is for students interested in living in a suite, block, quad, or triple.  The second is for students interested in living in a single room, while the third is for students interested in living in a double room.  More information on the Room Draw process can be found here.