Libby Boissy | St. Lawrence University Religious Studies

Libby Boissy

Libby Boissy
Class year: 
Religious Studies and Francophone Studies
Plainville, MA
Activities while at SLU: Student leader with Habitat for Humanity, Senator for Thelmo, Treasurer of French Club

Hi, my name is Libby Boissy and I am a senior here at SLU. I hail from the small town of Plainville, Massachusetts down on the east coast. St. Lawrence inspired me to be a global student from my first semester here when I took Mystery & Meaning, the introductory religious course, and was exposed to the vast field of religious studies. Through my work with Raquette Valley Habitat for Humanity I grew close to the greater St. Lawrence community but it was through my academic pursuits on and off campus that I fed my curiosity about the international community. My courses in economics, francophone studies, and especially religious studies have broadened my view of the greater global community and the collision and comingling of cultures. St. Lawrence’s focus on diversity has enabled me to take courses in everything from Norse religion to francophone Africa. And in the spring semester of 2015 I was able to study off campus, across the world in another hemisphere. I enrolled at the University of Otago in New Zealand and was able to learn in depth about the religious communities in the area. I was able to take courses in Hinduism, Buddhism, and the native Maori religious system.  Investigating the intricacies of these religious systems as well as their impact across the world on modern events was extremely rewarding. My knowledge of different religious systems has proven to be an asset in my work with Habitat for Humanity and I know it will be a lifelong passion of mine.