Registration: Graduate Level Add Form | St. Lawrence University Registrar's Office

Registration: Graduate Level Add Form

Form Guidelines

  1. REGISTRATION IS ONLINE THROUGH APR2.0. This card is only for use during the add period.
  2. Do NOT leave any blanks.  Please, provide all your student information in both the top section and under the "Student Statistical Information" section of the form. This includes your student ID number. If you don't know this, please contact the Education Department.
  3. Mark the check box associated with the degree and program for which you are matriculated (if applicable).
  4. Complete the academic year and mark checkbox associated with the term for each course.  This is located to the left of each course.
  5. Write the course department, number, section and credit hours associated with each course.  i.e."EDPS 538 B - 3".  Provide all information or you may be registered in an incorrect course.  It is each student's responsibility to ensure that the course department, number and section is correct. 
  6. Independent study courses must include an Independent Study Request Form attached to the registration card for EACH independent study class.
  7. Sign and date your form.
  8. Return to the Registrar's Office in Vilas 117.

Note: Students not admitted to a program by the time their 12th credit is graded will not be allowed to register or sit in further classes.