Graduate Level Add/Drop Form | St. Lawrence University Registrar's Office

Graduate Level Add/Drop Form

Form Guidelines

  1. REGISTRATION IS ONLINE THROUGH APR2. This card is for use during the add/drop period only.
  2. Do NOT leave any blanks.  Please, provide all your student information. This includes your student ID number. If you don't know this, please contact the Education Department.
  3. Write the course department, number, section, and instructor's name associated with each course.  Provide the instructor's signature for course adds ONLY.  Students are responsible for consulting with their program coordinator regarding schedule changes and the related implications to their academic progress.
  4. Sign and date your form.
  5. Return to Kevin MacKenzie, Registrar's Office, Vilas 117.

Note: Students who are not matriculated into a program of study must use a graduate-level registration form to add courses during the add/drop period.