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Registration: Cross-Registration for Faculty

Cross-registration is a cooperative program designed to expand the educational opportunities available to students and employees of the four colleges of the consortium: St. Lawrence, Clarkson, SUNY Canton and SUNY Potsdam. It provides any full-time matriculated student or full-time employee at a member college the opportunity to enroll in a course offered by another member college to improve the depth and variety of an approved academic program. 

Role as a Faculty Member

  • Admitting Students into your Class: Cross-registration is on a space available basis. Students wishing to cross-register into a class you teach are required to have your signature as the instructor. However, you are not required to admit the student. All students from your institution who wish to take your course should be admitted before a cross-registered student is admitted. Generally, cross registration forms should not be signed until the first day of classes so that you can gauge enrollment. 
  • Class & Grade Rosters: Names of cross-registered students will appear on class rosters issued by your registrar's office. Information for eSaint grade submission will be sent to you from the student's home institution. This is either where they work, if staff, or are where they are matriculated as a student.  Please return all mid-term and final grade rosters promptly to your registrar. He or she will make any needed notations and pass the rosters to the student's home institution. Institutional academic calendars and grading systems differ. Therefore, the grade rosters sent to you by the student's home institution may arrive on different schedules. Faculty grading cross-registration students are requested to do so on the system of the student's home school. The systems are explained when the rosters are sent. 
  • Midterm Grades: The consortium institutions vary in the existence and use of mid-term grades:
    • Clarkson University will request mid-term grades for its students who are cross-registered to other institutions. 
    • SUNY Potsdam will send rosters for each Potsdam student cross-registered, with a request that only the rosters of those Potsdam students achieving below a 2.0 be returned. 
    • SUNY Canton will send a roster with a request for a mid-term grade for each cross-registered student. 
  • Role as Advisor: As a faculty advisor, you must sign your advisee's cross-registration form to insure that the proposed course satisfies the student's program and credit-hour requirements. A student should be advised to take the course at the home institution, not to cross-register for a course, if there is an appropriate choice available.

Further information may be obtained at the Associated Colleges homepage.