Incomplete "E" & Extension "X" Grades | St. Lawrence University Registrar's Office

Incomplete "E" & Extension "X" Grades

  • Incomplete "E" grades are subject to the following:
    • Incomplete grades are assigned only when, as a result of unusual or extenuating circumstances (e.g., illness), some part of the required work for a course is left unfinished. In such a case, the instructor informs the department chair and agrees with the student on conditions, preferably in writing, for removal of the "E". 
    • The student is expected to fulfill these conditions in good time, in the ensuing semester, for the instructor to evaluate his or her work and report a permanent grade (see Grade Changes) to the registrar by the end of the sixth week. 
    • If no grade is reported, the "E" is replaced by 0.0 (Failure).
    • The department chair may request, in writing, further delay from the registrar, but this delay may not be longer than the term. If the student is not in residence during that term, the delay may be extended for one additional semester. 
    • Further extension must be requested of the dean of academic affairs and is unusual since the passage of time often brings changes in instructor and course content.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to see that conditions for the removal of a grade of "E" are established and met.
  • "X" grades are extension grades subject to the following:
    • "X" grades are assigned at the end of a semester for work in a designated course that span two full semesters. 
    • Only those students specified by the mid-term of the initial semester are eligible to receive an "X" grade. This grade is not to be confused with the incomplete "E", which is given to a student who fails for a valid reason to complete the work of a course within the period prescribed for that course.