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Final Grade Entry in APR 2.0

Grade Entry

Faculty may submit grades from home simply by logging into APR2, with NO VPN CONNECTION NEEDED!


To submit your final course grades, you will need to log in to APR2. Once in APR2, here’s the process:

  • Under the Faculty tab in APR2, choose the relevant course section.
  • Once the section loads with student names, click the “Grading” tab above.
  • Select “Final Grade.”
  • Choose the appropriate grade for each student from the drop-down menu under the Final Grade column.  If you enter an E grade (Incomplete) the system will force you to enter an expiry date before moving on.  The 6th week of classes during the subsequent term is the E grade deadline.
  • THERE IS NO SUBMIT BUTTON in APR2! The grades will save automatically.


  • You may enter and change grades anytime during the grade entry period.
  • Submit an appropriate grade for all students on the roster even if a listed student did not attend the class.  If you reported them as non-attends early on or recently but they remain on your  roster, they have not yet submitted the paperwork to petition for a late schedule change, and they still need to do so in order to change their schedule officially.  Do not submit "E" grades for students who did not attend – if they are registered but have never attended, the appropriate grade is 000.
  • Contact the Registrar's Office if a student attended your course but does not appear on your grade roster. In some cases there has been a registration error that we can correct quickly.  In other cases the student may have not registered at all. In these cases it is important that we know a grade is available and we’ll work with the student to get properly registered. 
  • For pass/fail grades enter a "P" for pass and "000" for fail. If the student was approved for P/F grading, the course is now set up that way for that student, so if you mistakenly enter a numeric grade the system will flip it to a P grade.
  • The “X” grade is only used for pre-approved year-long courses that span both the Fall and Spring semesters (such as an SYE project).
  • Use the “E” grade only for students for whom you will allow late submission of required work due to extenuating circumstances.  For “E” grades, the system also requires that you enter the date the Incomplete will expire – The 6th week of classes during the subsequent term is the E grade deadline. E grades roll to zero automatically after that date unless either a final grade or an extension form has been submitted. Be sure you have discussed with the student the remaining work to be completed and the deadline(s) for submission of the work. Do not submit an “E” grade for a student who stopped attending class unless you have made prior arrangements for completion of the course work.
  • In the past, faculty Mac-users have reported issues with entering grades when using the Safari browser– if you are a Mac user, please try using Firefox as your browser when entering grades in APR2.

Grades are not “permanent” until 'verified' by the Registrar, so you may go back and make changes as needed through this grade submission deadline.