Declaration to Graduate: Masters & CAS

Timely submission of this form alerts the Registrar's Office of your intent to graduate and ensures that your information is correct. Graduate completion year/term, major(s)/minor(s), diploma details and pronunciation of your name during the ceremony are some of the details this form validates.

You may only submit this form ONE time. Carefully review your answers before clicking "Submit". If you have a correction to this form, please email with your revision. Thank you!
Section 1: Student Information
If you feel the pronunciation of your name is either difficult or irregular, please fill in the line above AND stop by the Registrar’s Office to record your name digitally. If you have the ability to record it digitally on your computer you may send it to
Please contact the Education Department if you don't know your student identification number.
ONLY St. Lawrence email address ( will be used for communication. If you don't check your SLU email address, you will miss ALL important communications.
Section 2: Graduation Term, Degree, Program Information
Optional for those receiving an additional Master or CAS degree.
Optional for those receiving an additional Master or CAS degree.
Section 3: Commencement Participation
Note: No student will be graduated if they have not discharged all financial obligations to the University or if they are not present at or formally excused from the graduating exercises at which the degree is to be conferred.
Submit address ONLY if August grad or not participating in the ceremony..
Section 5: Certification
I certify that upon successful completion of my last term of study, I will have met the requirements for the Degree stated above. I further certify that I will have met all financial obligations to the University as well as all other obligations as stated in the college catalog. I realize that if I fail to complete the requirements as stated in the St. Lawrence University catalog, that I must reapply for graduation in a subsequent term.