eSaint (APR) Basics for Students


  • Viewing Your Transcript
    • As you compose your working list, you may want to consult your transcript to see the courses you have taken previously. To do this, click on My Transcript at the bottom of the page. Note that you may choose to list courses on your transcript either by department or by semester by clicking on these options at the top of the transcript page. Also note that this transcript has a date/time stamp to indicate when it was last updated.
  • Choosing Courses
    • Once you have logged on to the system, click on Course Listings and you can begin selecting courses to add to your Working List You can include as many courses as you like to your working list, and you should include both your first choices and a variety of alternatives. At this point, you are NOT submitting selected courses for registration; you are only creating a list of courses that interest you.

      You must first narrow the course list by choosing to view courses by departments, diversity or distribution areas, or other search options. Once the list of courses is displayed select those you wish to add to your Working List then click Add to My Working List. You can add or delete courses from your working list at any point in the registration process.
  • Open Seats and Restrictions
    • The number of open/restricted/enrolled seats is listed next to the course title. Choosing courses with more open seats increases your chances of getting your requested schedule, but does not guarantee it (since your requests will be processed with many others, and seats will be assigned at random when the number of requests with equal priority is greater than the number of available seats). Note that Open Seats refers to spaces in the course that are not restricted or reserved. Restricted refers to seats which have not been filled, but which may be protected by class year, by major/minor, or otherwise.

      Note that the system will NOT keep you from adding courses to your working list for which you lack pre-requisites. Clicking on the "y" in the pre-req column will display course pre-requisites, clicking on the restrictions numbers will display a description of restrictions/reservations.


Once you have compiled a working list and talked about them with your advisor, your advisor will take the Advisor Hold off in APR. This will allow you to move courses from your working list to your request list. Your working list and Registration Requests list will be displayed together on the same page. 

  • Check for Prerequisites
    • When you submit your course requests, the system will NOT automatically check to see that you meet course prerequisites at this point, but you will NOT be able to register for courses if you do not have the prerequisites. If you are registering for courses with prerequisites, check your transcript to be sure you meet them before submitting the request; otherwise, you waste one of your opportunities to select the courses you most want.
  • Permission Required Courses
    • For courses that require instructor permission, you must speak to the instructor and give her/him your student ID number, which s/he must enter into the system BEFORE you can request the course. If you are denied registration in a course for which you believe you have received permission, contact the instructor to be sure they have entered your ID number.
  • Fifth Courses
    • You may not register for a course overload until the beginning of the semester (during add/drop).
  • Dropping Registration in Courses
    • Beginning in Spring 2007 you may drop registration in a course during your registration period. Please use this option carefully!

      If you request a course section which becomes full, you will automatically be added to another available section of the same course which fits your schedule if one is available. The registrations notation will be ALT. You may drop registration in this section if you do not want it.
  • Request Processing and Results
    • Once you have submitted your course requests and your designated registration time has arrived, check back a half hour after the processing time to see if you received all of your requests. Your course registrations will be noted next to the course in the request list. View Registration Results to see the status of each course you requested and the reason for non-enrollment for those courses in which you did not get registered. The Registration Results will have a history of what occurred during each batch process of your requests.

      If your schedule is not full, add more to your request list and check back again after the next processing time noted above. If you still do not have a full schedule at the end of your designated registration period, you will be able to add courses at the end of the week in order to fill out your schedule.

      Once you have entered your course requests, check back frequently during the week to see whether the courses you have requested still have seats. If you are a sophomore, for example, your requests will be processed on Thursday of registration week, but courses you had listed at the beginning of the week may already be full. If so, it is important for you to know this before your requests are processed, so you can remove these courses from your request list and add courses that still have seats available.