Distribution Reqs.: 2001 Curriculum

Students entering St. Lawrence University after fall 2001, but before fall 2013, must complete the following distribution requirements.

  • Arts/Expression: An approved course that provides active learning through creative expression.
  • Humanities: One course approved as involving the critical interpretation of traditional and contemporary works of literature, history, political thought, philosophy, religious studies and the arts, both visual and performing.
  • Social Science: An approved course that provides an awareness of how economic, political and social institutions can be organized, evidence about them analyzed and social science knowledge generated.
  • Mathematics or Foreign Language: An approved course that develops either quantitative reasoning and analytical thought or provides knowledge of a foreign language and understanding of a foreign culture.
  • Natural Science/Science Studies: Two courses approved as providing a foundation in the natural sciences and the interplay between science and society.
    • One of the two courses must include a laboratory.

Courses meeting the above distribution requirements must include courses from six different departments or programs. A course can meet only one of the above distribution requirements.