Major and Minor Requirements (Prior to January 2014)

(Prior to January 2014)

Psychology Major Requirements

The department wants students who graduate from St. Lawrence with a degree in psychology to have a comprehensive background in the discipline's various subfields. A major in psychology must complete eight units of psychology courses and Math 113. At least two of these psychology courses must be upper-level laboratory courses (beyond Research Methods). Both labs must be completed at St. Lawrence University.

Required courses include...

  • Psychology 100 or 101 (Introductory Psychology)
  • Psychology 205 (Research Methods)
  • Math 113 (Applied Statistics) [For double majors in Psychology and Economics, Econ 200 can substitute for Math 113]
  • 2 upper-level courses with laboratory (beyond Research Methods)

At least two courses from Unit I - Biological/Acquisition Processes

  • PSYC 326 Hormones & Behavior (available with lab)
  • PSYC 327 Sensation & Perception (available with lab)
  • PSYC 331 Physiological (available with lab)
  • PSYC 401 Learning (available with lab)
  • PSYC 402 Memory & Cognition (available with lab)
  • PSYC 432 Animal Behavior (available with lab)

At least one course from Unit II - Developmental/Social Processes

  • PSYC 207 Developmental
  • PSYC 215 Cultural
  • PSYC 253 Personality
  • PSYC 325 Social (available with lab)

At least two courses from Unit III - Applied Areas

  • PSYC 238 Psychology & Law
  • PSYC 255 Sport Psychology
  • PSYC 313 Industrial/Organizational
  • PSYC 317 Abnormal
  • PSYC 318 Environmental (with lab)
  • PSYC 413 Community
  • PSYC 442 Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
  • PSYC 443 Clinical
  • PSYC 456 Health Psychology

In addition to the required courses, students may complete additional courses from each unit and other psychology courses (including special topics seminars, PSYC 455, independent research, independent study, and SYE projects). Students must have at least a 2.5 overall GPA to take either independent study (471, 472) or independent research (497, 498). A major must complete at least eight semester units of psychology courses. To receive laboratory credit in a course, a student must receive a passing grade on both the laboratory and lecture components of the course. A failing grade on the laboratory component will result in the student being re-registered into the non-laboratory or lecture section of the course. No more than one psychology unit in a St. Lawrence international program may be counted toward the minimum eight-course major. If a matriculated St. Lawrence student wishes to take a course at another college or university for transfer credit, the student and the department chair should agree in advance on the appropriateness of the course(s) and which of the above requirements, if any, will be satisfied. A transfer student and the student's advisor should confer with the department chair about the student's transferred courses and which requirements remain to be filled. Courses for laboratory credit must be taken at St. Lawrence.

Psychology Minor Requirements

A minor must complete at least six psychology courses. Required courses include Psychology 100 or 101 (Introductory) and 205 (Research Methods). At least one course from two of the three groups of courses listed above under requirements for the major must be completed satisfactorily. At least one course beyond 101 and 205 must be taken for laboratory credit. If a course is taken with laboratory, 205 or the instructor's permission is required. Note that all lab courses must be taken at St. Lawrence University to count towards the minor. Each minor is required to take Mathematics 113 (Statistics). No more than one psychology unit in a St. Lawrence international program may be counted toward the minimum six-course minor.