Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Proposal or Annual Update

St. Lawrence University Institutional Animal Care and Use Proposal or Annual Update

Please read this form carefully and include all information requested. A copy of this form will be available to you by an email link immediately following your submission.

(For your reference, the Laboratory Animal Handling & Information Manual is available below.)

Principle Investigator Information
Provide the names of any other individuals (e.g., faculty, students, research or teaching assistants) involved in
Description of Animals
days, months, years
Time Span: Provide the time frame of use of animals - be specific
Provide a description of the holding room and individual housing, feeding and water specifications. SLU's IACUC has established very specific policies regarding food and water restrictions. Should your proposal include procedures other than free access to food and water, please contact the IACUC chair for additional information.
Provide a complete description of the project to include detailed procedures, animal use, and a statement of hypotheses or expectations. Be sure to include in-text citations and references that support your procedures.
Provide description of procedures designed to insure that discomfort and pain to animals will be limited:
Provide a detailed description of how the collaborators have been or will be sufficiently trained to appropriately execute the procedures described in the proposed use of the animals. Handouts/directions should be included.
Provide a clear rationale for involving animals, and for the appropriateness of the species and the number of animals to be used. This rationale should be based on a current literature search for possible alternatives. Information concerning the literature search should include: a) the data bases searched; b) the key words used; c) when the search was conducted; d) the span of years searched; e) and, if the search reveals that a lower species than the one selected can be used, an explanation of why it is not being used is necessary.
Animal Disposal
Bibliography: Provide a bibliography/list of sources that supports your rational and procedures