Understanding Registration Issues | St. Lawrence University President's Office

Understanding Registration Issues

To the St. Lawrence Community:

Following the experiences of our students and faculty with Spring 2018 registration, members of Faculty Council and I discussed options to understand  and prevent future issues.  Faculty Council suggested a “Blue Ribbon Committee on Registration,” which I support wholeheartedly.

Faculty Council has advised on a charge and recruited the membership for this Committee:

The charge for the Blue Ribbon Committee is to investigate the course of events relating to an unsatisfactory Spring 2018 registration experience. This fact finding will include: the technical cause(s) of the problem(s), the timeline of discoveries and decision-making, who was included in each step, and how/when information was conveyed to what audiences. The committee will directly interview individuals involved, including staff at Ellucian, as part of its research. The committee will highlight key findings and recommendations in a written report to Faculty Council and Senior Staff to be completed by March 1, 2018.

Membership:  Emily Dixon, Catherine Jahncke, Ed Harcourt and Jodi Canfield

I thank Faculty Council for its leadership and I thank those who will assist and cooperate with these colleagues for your good will.

Bill Fox