Structural Changes in Finance and LIT | St. Lawrence University President's Office

Structural Changes in Finance and LIT

Laurentian Friends:

I write to share some changes to administrative structures that have occurred or will occur.

First, as you may recall, the position of Vice President for Finance and Administration, now held by Steve Hietsch, was intended to provide oversight of several areas of business functions.  Effective January 1, Steve began supervision of Dining Services and is working closely with Dean Joe Tolliver and Dave Geleta, now our director of dining services, to effect a smooth transition of leadership.

Effective March 1, two areas of information technology will report to Steve as well:  enterprise systems and infrastructure systems.  On that date, Darrin Goodrow, whom many of you will remember from his previous service to St. Lawrence, will rejoin the University staff as Executive Director of Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure Systems. He will administer such areas as database management, software development, and programming. James Mattice will continue as director of enterprise systems and Brent Hasseltine, our new director of infrastructure systems. Both  Brent and James report to Darrin Goodrow as of March 1.  Brent’s oversight includes network infrastructure and web development. 

Valerie Lehr, interim senior advisor for libraries and information technology, will continue to work with the entire division until Commencement; LIT will remain a division, and Val will work to have structures in place for people to collaborate across areas as much as is practical and useful.  Rene Thatcher and Eric Williams-Bergen will remain central to this collaboration, with Rene being promoted to Executive Director of Campus Services and Outreach and Eric continuing as the Director of Research and Digital Initiatives.

Val also will commence a search shortly for a new University Librarian.

At the end of the spring semester, Val will return to her full-time faculty duties.  At that time, oversight of the Library and the remaining areas of IT will shift to the Dean of Academic Affairs, thus completing the re-organization.  Benefits of the new organization include:

  • Better integration between libraries, academic technology, and academic affairs.
  • Better integration between enterprise and infrastructure systems.
  • Better integration between enterprise systems and finance, where many of the enterprise user groups reside.  This relationship will also facilitate the proper alignment of resources in the ES area.
  • Specialist leadership that we need in each area of IT and the library.

I thank everyone involved for their collaboration in these transitions.

Bill Fox