Search Committee for Vice President for Libraries and IT


March 3, 2012

To:          St. Lawrence University Community

From:    William L. Fox, President

Re:         Search Committee Appointed

While our plans have been unhurried and deliberate, the work to develop a new senior position in the university to give leadership, oversight, and strategic integration in dual areas vital to campus life—the libraries and the technology—is now ready to take the next step. Before doing so, all of us owe profound gratitude to Bart Harloe, now retired University Librarian; to our Acting Librarian Mike Alzo; and our Co-CIOs James Mattice, Rene Thatcher, and Sondra Smith. Without their significant contributions and dedicated service, our very successful explorations and transitions would be hard to imagine. Thank you.

I am delighted to announce the appointment of a search committee. It is also important to note that the committee will be supported by professional search counsel.  Shelly Storbeck and Susan Van Gilder of the national firm Storbeck Pimintel will assist us, once again.  In addition, the committee will turn to individual members of the Library and IT staffs as resource liaisons. The work of the committee will take considerable time, perhaps 5 to 6 months, but I remain very confident that our approach in both transition and planning is in the most advantageous situation imaginable.

Let me thank and congratulate the new search committee:

Brian Watson (co-chair)
Val Lehr (co-chair)

Robin Lock (faculty)
Caroline Breashears (faculty)
Cathy Tedford (staff)
Carolyn Filippi (staff)
Mike Riela ’13 (student)
Iris Longo ’13 (student)
Amanda Pearson (trustee)
Katy MacKay (trustee)
Marion Roach Smith (trustee)