Search Committee for Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs | St. Lawrence University President's Office

Search Committee for Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs

September 3, 2015

St. Lawrence Community Members:

Beginning with my profound gratitude for Dean Val Lehr’s service since 2007, service that is characterized by integrity, energy, imagination, and good humor, I now write to describe the next steps in the process to name her successor effective July 1, 2016.

Last year, Faculty Council and I collaborated to anticipate this transition.  We developed a search process that will begin inside the ranks of current tenured, full professors.  If the process reaches an impasse, however, then all other options would be considered, including an invitation extended beyond our campus to consider the interest of potential candidates from other institutions. 

To begin, the search committee is constituted by the President, and, according to our discussions last year, includes “all or sufficient representative members of Faculty Council, senior administrators, students, and trustees.”

I have asked Barry Phelps ’69, Vice Chair of the Board, and Eve Stoddard, Dana Professor of Global Studies, to serve as co-chairs of the search committee; they graciously have agreed to do so.  Faculty Council members of the search committee will include all elected members: Jessica Chapman, Paul Doty, Howard Eissenstat, Tom Greene, Loraina Ghiraldi, David Henderson, Shelley McConnell, Judith Nagel-Myers, Serge Onyper, and Christopher Watts.

Joining the faculty are trustees Derrick Pitts ’78, Chair of the Board’s Academic Affairs Committee, and Heather McCauley ’06; and administrative staff members Eric Williams-Bergen ’91, Director of Digital Initiatives in Libraries and Information Technology, and Jodi Canfield ’91, Coordinator of the Sports and Leisure Studies minor in Intercollegiate Athletics.  Two students complete the committee’s roster: Christopher Hyde ’16 and Samantha Colton ’16.

The members of the committee will convene in the next week or so, and then will communicate their goals, process, and timetable to the community.  They already have my sincere thanks for the important work they will perform for St. Lawrence.

Bill Fox