Regarding Men's Ice Hockey | St. Lawrence University President's Office

Regarding Men's Ice Hockey

December 5, 2017

To:                          The St. Lawrence Community

From:                      President William L. Fox

At my recommendation, the St. Lawrence University  Board of Trustees, in its governance role to assure compliance with all appropriate regulations, has directed the University to review certain allegations received through email and social media relating to potential violations of  NCAA rules or institutional policies in the men’s ice hockey program.   The Board believes that the fairest and most effective way to address these questions is to conduct an independent investigation. 

The University has retained outside legal counsel, Bond, Schoeneck and King, PLLC, and its Collegiate Sports Practice Group to conduct this review.   Rick Evrard, a senior member of the firm, has been retained to lead the investigation.   The firm has been charged with performing a complete, unbiased and thorough investigation to determine whether any NCAA rules or institutional policies have been violated.

The University’s top priority is to protect the health and welfare of our students.  The Board’s Chair and its Audit Committee chair will receive a full report of the facts and will recommend appropriate action if needed. 

During the period of this review, we will have no further comment until it is completed.